What we do ?

If you have an argument, fight, dispute or a disagreement with your friend, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, or business let the world resolve it for you by voting for the party that they think is right.

Mission Statement

To create world peace one person at a time. The website is a resource to resolve conflicts and to connect with other people that may have the same conflict in a relationship, at work or as a customer/client.

PeacePazPaix was created with the mission of spreading the possibility of world peace, one person at a time. The website is an alternative conflict resolution forum where users can have their conflicts arbitrated and decided by a community of peers, to come to a peaceful resolution. Marital discord, child custody disputes, employee/employer disputes, domestic relationship disputes, family disagreements and monetary disputes can all be arbitrated and judged via the PeacePazPaix's community of peers who will read your dispute and give their neutral, third party feedback for conflict resolution without the monetary expense and stress that is brought on by our civil legal system.


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